Royalty Free Stage Hypnosis Music - on 2 CDs

"All The MUSIC You'll Ever Need for Your

2 CD set - All The Music You'll Ever Need for Your Professional Stage Hypnosis Show

Here it is! A tailor-made collection of royalty free music created specifically for you, the professional stage hypnotist.

"I just received your cd today. What great service! This cd is one of the best investments I've made in my stage hypnosis business. In my opinion it is worth at least ten times what you are currently charging! The music is absolutely top notch and I feel that it will really impact my shows in a positive way! Thanks for creating such a great product. I will highly recommend it to others."
- Bill Mogolov Des Moines, Iowa (Mr. Bill's Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show)

David DialI really appreciate receiving email testimonials like the one above. Hi, I’m David Dial. During my career as a professional musician and music composer in Los Angeles, I've had the pleasure of working closely with some of the most notable stage hypnotists in the world.

I was introduced to the world of stage hypnosis back in 1985, when I was hired to be the Musical Director for "The World's Funniest Hypnotist" SAM VINE, a Canadian gentleman who toured the world with his captivating show. Performing live music for Sam’s shows at the Coronet Theatre in Beverly Hills night after night taught me just how important precision music & sound effect cues are to your profession.

For the past several years I've served as Production Coordinator and Music Consultant for world-renowned celebrity hypnotist TOM SILVER. Tom has appeared on numerous television shows including his own one-hour CBS Television Special: "HYPNOTIZED." I travel with Tom all over America and we perform for Corporate and Private Events as well as half time shows for the NBA , WNBA and ARENA FOOTBALL.

Combining the insights I've gained working with these and other professional hypnotists with my years of experience as a composer, I've created a one-of-a-kind, tailor-made and Royalty Free Music & Sound Effects Collection of highly useful material ideally suited for stage hypnosis routines - the staples of the trade so to speak.

And I’ve included a lengthy induction piece (over 30 minutes!) you can use for stage, in your private practice or as a music bed for narration on your hypnosis videos and audio programs.

So watch the video and listen to the song excerpts on the mp3 player. Then judge for yourself whether "ALL THE MUSIC YOU'LL EVER NEED FOR YOUR PROFESSIONAL STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOW" will be of benefit to you.

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In addition to music, if your need a website, I can help you with that as well. I've designed over 30 professional websites for hypnotists, singers, musicians, comedians as well as small businesses.

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